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Pack Virtual 10

  • Up to 10 extensions.
  • No fixed term.
  • Includes national number.

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19€ / month

19,00 (imp. no incluidos) / mesAdd to cart

Pack Virtual 20

  • Up to 20 extensions.
  • No fixed term.
  • Includes national number.

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36€ / month

36,00 (imp. no incluidos) / mesAdd to cart

Pack Virtual 30

  • Up to 30 extensions.
  • No fixed term.
  • Includes national number.

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55€ / month

55,00 (imp. no incluidos) / mesAdd to cart

Pack Virtual 40

  • Up to 40 extensions.
  • No fixed term.
  • Includes national number.

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74€ / month

74,00 (imp. no incluidos) / mesAdd to cart

Pack Virtual 50

  • Up to 50 extensions.
  • No fixed term.
  • Includes national number.

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90€ / month

90,00 (imp. no incluidos) / mesAdd to cart

Pack Flat Rate

  • Calls to landlines and mobiles.
  • To any operator.
  • Unlimited outgoing channels.

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25€ / month

25,00 (imp. no incluidos) / mesAdd to cart

Recordings 2GB

  • 2GB
  • (approx 5,000 min)

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3€ / month

3,00 (imp. no incluidos) / mesAdd to cart

Recordings 5GB

  • 5GB
  • (approx 12,500 min)

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6€ / month

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Recordings 10GB

  • 10GB.
  • (approx 25,000 min).

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10€ / month

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What is wittybots?

Wittybots is a chatbot platform for business companies.
It allows you to personalize, automate and manage responses in chats.
WhatsApp is our specialty.
Multiagent and omnichannel.

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Management and statistics platform

From our panel control, you can edit rules, responses and campaigns to be carried out.
As well as viewing statistics of the interactions with the chatbot.

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With Wittybots on WhatsApp you have your official number verified and certified. Wittybots controls and protects your chatbot from abusive behavior, limiting messages that can consume unwanted traffic.

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Automate responses to repetitive queries

  • Branches and hours
  • Promotion information
  • Special events
  • You can attend all inquiries without waiting and at any time
  • Answers automatically and personalized.

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Query the company's database

  • Product inquiries: models, stock and prices
  • Inquiries about the status of shipments, payments and collection
  • Balance inquiries
  • Expirations
  • General database queries

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Referral to specialized agents

  • Integration with company conversation systems
  • Direct sales
  • Complex queries responses
  • Premium customer’s care
  • Lead Detection Triggers

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Lowcost PBX

Physical PBX with all functions. Small size and unbeatable price. Easy installation: open the box, connect the cables and start using it. Perfect for home, small business and small office.

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Trunk SIP

Connect your company to the world with our SIP Trunk. With all channels you need, making or receiving calls with high quality. Immediate and seamless connection.

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Fax virtual

We provide a fax number where you can easily receive faxes in your email account without the need for additional lines, with a setup in seconds.

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About Genhum

At GENHUM COMUNICACIONES we like to have satisfied clients and that is why we always seek the best quality in our services, adapting them to the needs of each of our clients.

From connectivity to the design and assembly of telephony or network platforms, we work every day to improve, create and update products and services for our clients.

GENHUM is not a typical telecommunications operator, our clients, companies that require quality and reliability, know that they have a solid partner in us for their business.

Logo Genhum Comunicaciones


For years, telephone communications were conducted over copper lines that were highly susceptible to noise and failure.

Over time, these old telephone connections began to be replaced, at least in part by digital technologies such as fiber optics or ISDN, which not only gave better quality calls, but also allowed multiple calls on the same wire.

Internet telephony, also called Voice over Interntet or VoIP, takes advantage of the interconnection capacity of the Internet to make telephone calls to anywhere in the world at a very low cost, being able to connect with analog, mobile, radio or satellite telephone networks .

The most important requirement is to have an Internet connection, either through ADSL, Fiber, Cable or mobile or wireless connections.

In addition, we will require a terminal to be able to call. These terminals can be physical, such as VoIP telephones or virtual, such as applications that work on computers or mobile devices.

The terminals must be connected, through a SIP connection to a switchboard, which can be a physical or virtual equipment. Said switchboard will be the one that will interconnect with the telephone network, for which it must contract a Trunk SIP, Lowcost PBX o Virtual PBX.

No. If you already have an installation with analog telephones, no major changes are required. By using a device called a Gateway you can adapt your existing infrastructure for use with VoIP.

Only in some cases, with very specific telephone equipment with a proprietary PBX system, will you need to purchase new terminals. Consult us the compatibility of your system without obligation and request a quotation.