Lowcost PBX

The lowcost PBX is a small size switchboard suitable for any office and business with capacity for many simultaneous calls and with all the functionalities of a digital PBX.

Features and prices

Very small size (95x65mm)
Based on Asterisk technology.
Multiple simultaneous SIP Trunk configurations.
Unlimited extensions (20 pre-configured extensions).
Voice mailboxes by extension.
Customized IVR and music on hold.
Intelligent call routing, conditioned by user actions, by date and time, and much more.
Attending different incoming numbers.
Call waiting.
Call recording (requires external USB disk).
Blocking calls to and from numbers that are not allowed (blacklists).
Call statistics in real time.
24/7 performance guarantee.

Easy configuration just connect ethernet cable and power and start working.
It has Ethernet and WiFi connection.

Taking advantage of the current infrastructure of telephone terminals and non-VoIP lines by using SIP Gateways.

Includes SIP Trunk account pre-configured with an initial credit of € 25 (taxes included).
Includes national geographic number with possibility of portability, for only 10 euros per month *.

We offer the lowcost PBX in two different formats. Managed or Open


€ 180 / single payment *

The PBX is configured with the basic options and changes in it, will be made by GENHUM at the customer’s request. The access to the control panel by the client will be limited.


€ 280 / single payment *

The PBX is configured with the basic options and access to the control panel as well as the system by the customer will be total. The warranty covers only the physical device and not the configuration. Once the client makes any changes in the configuration, no guarantee is offered on the system beyond its restoration to the initial parameters or the status of the last change made by GENHUM.

To make changes in the PBX you can contract the support packages for the PBX. For more information, see our VoIP rates in PDF.

* Taxes are not included

A digital PBX with maximum functionality and with a reduced cost