Virtual PBX

The virtual switchboard allows all the functionalities of a traditional switchboard, with maximum flexibility and scalability, without being tied to a physical equipment.

¿Que es una Centralita Virtual?

The virtual PBXis a telephony system that allows you to have an unlimited number of extensions with the same functionalities as a physical switchboard.

The main difference between a physical and a virtual PBX, is that the latter, is housed in a data center connected to the Internet in a location outside your office and accessible through any Internet connection, so you can use the PBX from different venues and even from mobile or itinerant devices.

With a virtual PBX the technological update and the scalability is guaranteed, just as the risk of falls or breakdowns is practically reduced to zero, thanks to the duplicity of systems and backup copies.

Características y precios

No registration fees, no call setup, no cancellation fees, no commitment to stay.
2 incoming channels, with possibility to expand up to 100.
Unlimited outgoing channels.
Includes national geographic number with possibility of portability.
Pay only for what you call, billing in seconds.
Retention of calls.
Incoming call routing with smart bypass.
Logos and music waiting configurable.
Locutions and deviations according to the schedule.
Possibility of making recordings of calls always, conditioned or on demand.
Blocking calls to and from numbers that are not allowed (blacklists).
Identification system at the account and / or IP level.
Security lock to destinations not allowed.
Call statistics in real time.
24/7 performance guarantee.

Virtual Pack10 – With up to 10 extensions for € 19 / month *
Virtual Pack20 – With up to 20 extensions for € 36 / month *
Virtual Pack30 – With up to 30 extensions for € 55 / month *
Virtual Pack40 – With up to 40 extensions for € 74 / month *
Virtual Pack50 – With up to 50 extensions for € 90 / month *

Check prices and options for more extensions

The cost of the recordings depends on the number of extensions and the cost of storage contracted at a rate of € 0.65 per extension of the pack, plus the cost of storage.

You can set rotation system or sending alerts informing occupation

2GB (approx 5,000 min) 2.95 € / month
5GB (approx 12,500 min) € 5.90 / month
10GB (approx 25,000 min) € 10.80 / month


The costs of the calls are the same as for the SIP Trunk
Calls to Spain landline € 0.014 / minute *
Calls to Spain mobile 0.049 € / minute *

Check our full rate for other destinations by downloading the PDF version

* Taxes are not included

** The flat rate includes a maximum of 1500 minutes. The exceded minutes will have a cost of 0,014€/minute to national fixed and 0,049€/minute to national mobile.

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